Rebels season 3 is almost upon us. It will feature lots of holocron goodness, introduce the ancient spiritual entity Bendu, and return fan-favourite character Thrawn to canon.
But I’m not here to talk about that.
You see, between all those exciting shots of Chiss and Dathomir magick, there were some other standout bits: Mandalorians who serve the Empire, and Sabine holding the weapon of Mandalorian heritage, the Darksaber. Combined with her prominent appearance on the poster, I’d wager it’s safe to say we’ll get to know a lot more about our graffiti-wielding warrior. And one of the questions about her I think we’ll see answered, is: Who is Sabine’s mother?

Now, as Dave Filoni told us in a Rebels Recon episode last season, Sabine’s mother was a member of Death Watch who was in the throne room when Maul killed Pre Vizsla. This has made Bo-Katan Kryze a popular candidate, as the only other female Mandalorian we know for sure was in that room. However, there’s multiple masked Mandalorians in that scene with undeniably female features. More importantly, in another interview, Filoni said we shouldn’t assume Sabine to be related to Satine just because of their similar names.

I’d like to offer an alternative candidate: Rook Kast. Rook is a character whose first (and so far, only) appearance was in the canon Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir comic. Considering she leads the Mandalorians in Maul’s Shadow Collective, it’s only natural that she would be one of his first Mandalorian supporters. And so it’s not a stretch to assume she was present when Maul killed Pre Viszla, and later Satine Kryze.

Rook Sabine helmets
Then there’s the markings on their helmets.. Do they stand for something important to both of these women?
Rook Kast
Sabine certainly inherited her hair from her mum…

If Kast indeed turns out to be Sabine’s mother, it also adds a lot of conflict between the two women. We know Sabine as a fierce fighter for freedom and justice. Rook, on the other hand, is so compelled by the Mandalorian’s belief in the right of the strongest that she’d follow a Sith Lord to hell and back. This would add a lot more conflict to the show than if Sabine’s mom were to be Bo-Katan, who’s always had at least inklings of good in her.


It would also mean Sabine is headed for at least one confrontation with Maul. I’m sure that these two characters already have plenty to talk about, what with Sabine coming into possession of the Darksaber last seen in Maul’s possession and all. Maul playing a big part in her mother’s corruption would certainly add some fuel to that fire. I can definitely see a Sabine V Maul saber battle in our future…

So what do you think? Will Sabine’s mother really be one of Maul’s most staunch supporters? Or am I way off base? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


6 thoughts on “Who is Sabine’s mother?

  1. Since Filoni has already debunked the idea of Bo-Katan being Sabine’s mother, Rook Kast is definitely the most likely candidate.

    And the better choice. Making Bo-Katan her mum would make the SW universe seem a little smaller again but choosing another female Mandalorian who was present at that Maul/Viszla showdown means we a) get the chance to see another character get some time in the spotlight and b) still get that great sense of continuity and connectivity that the Story Group is pushing for. That said, I’d love to see Bo-Katan appear in Rebels at some point.

    So, now that just leaves the question of who Sabine’s father is… 😉

    And why Kanan has Death Watch armour (on his shoulder at least). I’ve been wondering about that for months…


  2. Her father? A new dude with Wren as a last name, probably. Honestly, he can be dead for all I care, I just want the mother-daughter conflict 😛


    1. Thanks!
      It should be up on Comixology iirc. Physical copies are quite rare these days. Hoping they’ll reprint the TPB at some point…


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