Rogue One is a treasure. Not just because it’s an amazingly exciting film that includes some new classic scenes – read my review if you so please… But also because it’s chock full of easter eggs and references! Some of the returning characters, you’ll no doubt recognize for yourself. Other cameos and references are a bit more obscure. Let’s go over some of those, shall we?
Any reference that might be construed as a spoiler is saved for last, after a giant disclaimer. The first part of this article is safe to read!

What: Blue milk
Where: The Erso household on Lah’mu
Original appearance: A New Hope
While the Ersos are getting ready for their respective flight of and confrontation with Krennic, the camera lingers on a glass with a blue substance.

juggernautWhat: Clone turbo tank
Where: Imperial labor camp on Wobani
Original appearance: Revenge of the Sith
Originally a design for Empire Strikes Back that lost out to the AT-AT, the HAVw A6 Juggernaut made its debut in Revenge of the Sith as a Republic tank. It was kept in use by the Empire as a transport on the labor camp on Wobani. We get a good look at its interior as Melshi and his squad save Jyn from imprisonment.

Speaking of Wobani… It can’t be a coincidence that the planet’s name is an anagram for our old friend Obi-Wan, right?

Who: R2-KT
Where: Yavin 4
Original appearance: Real life
This droid with a heart of gold actually originated in our universe rather than the Galaxy Far Far Away. After being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Katie Johnson, daughter of the founder of the 501st Legion costuming group, wished she had a droid watching over her. The R2-D2 Builders Club kindly obliged, and R2-KT was born. After supporting Katie during her final days, R2-KT went on to become a symbol for raising awareness for children’s diseases. The droid regularly appears at events and has reportedly raised millions for this great cause.
Since then, R2-KT has appeared in multiple episodes of Clone Wars, comics, videogames, The Force Awakens, and now Rogue One.

What: Biker scout helmet
Where: Outside Jedha City
Original appearance: Return of the Jedi
In true Star Wars fashion (both in-universe and behind the scenes), everything gets re-used… Like this helmet. Saw’s rebels clearly had some run-ins with Imperial biker scouts, because one of the people escorting Bodhi Rook to Saw’s hideout can be seen wearing a black biker scout helmet.

Who: Dr Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba
Where: The streets of Jedha City
Original appearance: A New Hope
As Jyn and Cassian are walking through the streets of Jedha, they literally bump into these two buggalugs. It almost comes to a confrontation, but Cassian deflates the situation. Mere days later, the two companions have a run-in with the heroes of another film in the Mos Eisley Cantina, which doesn’t end as well for them…

Who: Whills and the Force of Others
Where: Chirrut and Baze
Original appearance: Concepts for A New Hope
Some forty years after the creation of the name Whills, we finally get a namedrop in a Star Wars film. Originally an alternate title for the Force, Whills is the latest in a series of old concept names – after Ashla, Bogan, and Bendu – to make its way into canon. Chirrut and Baze are part of the Guardians of the Whills, defenders of the temple on Jedha.
Another old term is “the Force of Others”, which was a name the Force had before George decided to shorten it. Chirrut utters it in the film, adding the name to canon.

What: Dejarik
Where: Saw’s hideout
Original appearance: A New Hope
As we pan across Saw Gerrera’s hideyhole (a clear homage to the cantina scene in its own right), we see a couple of aliens hunched around a familiar table. They’re playing a physical version of the holochess game found aboard the Falcon in A New Hope (and Force Awakens)! The game is called dejarik… And someday, we may get to play it too, one would hope!

Who: General Hurst Romodi
Where: Death Star
Original appearance: A New Hope
A non-speaking role in the original film, Romodi sat at the table with Tarkin, Vader, Motti, Tagge and Yularen. In Rogue One he reappears in the Death Star command chamber, played by Andy de la Tour.

Who: Hera Syndulla
Where: Yavin 4, space battle over Scarif
Original appearance: Rebels
Right after the crowded meeting on Yavin, keep your ears wide open. A radio announcement urges General Syndulla to report in. Coupled with the Ghost, Chopper, and a line from Hera’s voice actor Vanessa Marshall in the space battle, we can determine that the radio is probably talking about Hera rather than her father, Cham. Suggesting that not only is Hera alive and kicking during Rogue One, she also managed a promotion!

c2-b5Who: C2-B5
Where: Scarif research facility
Original appearance: Rogue One
Technically not a cameo or reference to another piece of Star Wars lore. However, since he featured in marketing and even got a Funko, I thought it prudent to point out his single easily missed appearance in the film. When Jyn, Cassian, and K-2SO are walking through the long busy corridor in the Scarif base (filmed at London’s Canary Wharf tube station), you see the little guy making his rounds off in the distance.

What: T-15
Where: Scarif
Original appearance: Reference to A New Hope
As Chirrut and Baze are going around Scarif taking out stormtroopers, we overhear a conversation between two of them. One asks the other if he heard about the T-15 being marked obsolete. This is a clear reference to A New Hope, where Ben Kenobi overhears two stormtroopers remarking on the new BT-16.
(The same scene was also referenced in The Force Awakens, when Rey overheard a conversation about T-17s. Apparently this is all stormtroopers talk about in their spare time!)

Who: Chopper
Where: Yavin 4
Original appearance: Rebels
Right as an Alliance radio op runs up to Mon Mothma, watch the left side of the screen. Rolling by is the sassiest droid in a film with K-2SO in it… Chopper! Another member of the Ghost crew confirmed to survive at least a few more seasons of the show…

What: The Ghost
Where: Parked on Yavin 4, space battle over Scarif
Original appearance: Rebels
TV spot #26 already kind of ruined the surprise, but I’m pleased to report that the Ghost, the crew’s main ship in Star Wars Rebels, has made it to the final cut of the movie. Given their cameos earlier in the film, one could assume that at least Hera and Chopper are on board, giving the Empire a good ass whooping.

garven-dreis-dutch-vanderWho: Garven Dreis and Jon ‘Dutch’ Vander
Where: Space battle over Scarif
Original appearance: A New Hope
The battle of Scarif involves both squadrons from the original film. We can assume most of the old gang is flying around, but the only ones we actually see that I’ve noticed are the squad leaders. Achieved by polishing up archive footage of actors Drewe Henley (RIP) and Angus MacInnes, it fits perfectly with the rest of the battle.

Who: Classic droid models
Where: Throughout the film
Original appearance: Original trilogy
There’s a few more appearances from familiar faces. They’re unlikely to be the same droids we see in the original trilogy, of course, but they’re definitely fun to spot! There’s a Death Star droid and probe droid on Jedha, tons of astromechs and a gonk droid in the rebel base and fleet, and a mouse droid in the base on Scarif. It all helps in connecting Rogue One to the aesthetic of the original films.


Spoilers from this scene, among others


Well then.. On we go.

Where: Coruscant
When: Flashback
Original appearance: Heir to the Empire
The Imperial capital, as seen in the prequel trilogy with a name adapted straight from Legends, makes another short appearance in Rogue One. In a montage of flashbacks, we focus on a young Jyn as Krennic visits the family home on Coruscant, in a scene plucked straight from Catalyst – or more likely, the other way around.

vaders-castleWhat: Darth Vader’s castle
Where: Mustafar (!)
Original appearance: Concept art for Empire Strikes Back
For all the speculation on the bacta tank scene from the first teaser, no-one could suspect that the real question should have been “where?” rather than “who?”. No Emperors or Snokes involved, just a random Imperial servant named Vanée fetching Vader from his slumber in his castle on Mustafar. The concept has been around since Empire, and was shortly considered for The Force Awakens as well. We finally got to see it in Rogue One, with the added significance of locating it on the place where Anakin Skywalker truly died and became Darth Vader, Mustafar!

And with that, for the people keeping score at home, we arrive at 10 locations, only one less than Revenge of the Sith. Lah’mu, Ring of Kafrene, Jedha, Wobani, Coruscant, Yavin 4, Death Star, Eadu, Mustafar, and Scarif!

Who: R2-D2 & C-3PO
Where: Yavin 4
Original appearance: A New Hope
As the Rebel fleet is preparing to leave for Scarif, two familiar faces can be seen, with 3PO complaining of course. Great to see that the tradition of having them in every Star Wars film hasn’t been broken yet!

What: Imperial code names
Where: The data vault on Scarif
Original appearance: Catalyst: A Rogue One novel
Searching for the Death Star plans, Jyn and Cassian find what they’re looking for when they see the file name Stardust. That’s not the only file name that would have worked for them, though. Stellar Sphere, Mark Omega and Pax Aurora are among the names Cassian lists. In Catalyst, these all refer to specific branches of the development of Project Celestial Power.. aka the Death Star.
The other three mentioned (War Mantle, Cluster Prism, and Black Saber) don’t mean in anything in canon yet. Though Black Saber may be a reference to the old EU superweapon, the Darksaber, which was based on the Death Star’s design.

What: Karabast!
Where: Pao’s vocal chords
Original appearance: Rebels
Garazeb Orrelios’ expletive of choice makes its first live action appearance. As the rebels on Scarif start to get flanked by AT-ACTs, the Drabata rebel Pao can be heard letting out a “Karabast!”. The only appropriate response in any fubar situation, of course.

Who: Red 5
Where: Space battle over Scarif
Original appearance: Rogue One
In the middle of the battle for the Shield Gate, there’s a chubby pilot who gets a suspiciously large amount of screentime getting blown up. His callsign? Red 5.
Well, that explains why the callsign was free for Luke to take in A New Hope..

hammerheadWhat: Hammerhead corvette
Where: Space battle over Scarif
Original appearance: Knights of the Old Republic
The best reference of them all. The Hammerhead cruiser, canonized by Star Wars Rebels’ interpretation of a KotOR design, makes an appearance in the film. And not just any appearance, it steals the show. In the ultimate fan service, Admiral Raddus orders this ship to be true to its name. Ramming into a Star Destroyer, pushing it into another, and finally crashing them both into the Shield Gate, this one little ship saves the rebellion and the dream. I am a happy, happy man.

Who: Captain Raymus Antilles
Where: Tantive IV
Original appearance: A New Hope
Obtaining the Death Star plans from a very lucky pilot who escaped Darth Vader’s wrath (at least temporarily..) is the captain of Leia’s vessel, the Tantive IV. He’s the one who hands her the plans, ending the movie. He’d go on to get choked out by the Dark Lord moments later, as seen in A New Hope.
Raymus actually appeared in Revenge of the Sith as well, as a member of Bail Organa’s staff. Unlike with Bail and Mon Mothma though, I’m unsure if the RotS actor – Rohan Nichol – returned for the role in Rogue One.

I’m positive there’s more references where these came from, but that’s it from me for now. Have you spotted any that I haven’t listed here? Please let me know! I aim to make this a pretty complete list.


29 thoughts on “Rogue One easter eggs

  1. Great list!

    I could be wrong, but on Scarif, before the Rogue One troops begin setting up the detonators, I thought I heard two storm troopers chatting with one asking the other if he’s “heard the rumor about the T-14?” and the other responds “about it becoming obsolete? Yeah” before being taken out.
    Wasn’t the T-14 the hyperdrive that Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi Wan &
    Co. we’re trying to get parts for on Tattoine in the Phantom Menace?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s T-15, a different model of spacecraft. Direct reference to a line between troopers in ANH (and TFA), so that’s definitely getting added to the article when I have a few minutes!


    2. I thought they were talking about the T-16 as in the kind of skyhopper that Luke uses to bullseye warp rats in begged


    1. Theoretically you’re right, but I really really doubt it. Especially as Hera seems to have a line in the space battle as well (though I haven’t confirmed this yet).


    1. You may have, as I’ve seen an extra looking like Biggs (and Porkins) behind the scenes. I don’t have confirmation of them making the final cut though..


  2. Agreed with Victor. The fact that they chose to reference a “Generl Syndulla” still gives Rebels wiggle room to determine the fate of Hera, and her father. Same with the appearance of VCX-100 light freighter (of which the Ghost is one) and even the C1 chopper-style droid. I think those references were all picked deliberately so that the cameos can or can not be the ones we see in the cartoon.

    First post, woohoo!!

    – danielc56 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve seen both Pablo and Matt of the Storygroup refer to him specifically as Chopper, so no wiggl room there!


  3. There is a part where jyn is going through diferent project names while looking for the deathstar plans “stardust” and name drops a few expanded universe names including darksaber.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I didn’t like 3PO and R2 in the film. I felt like they were forced into an unnecessary moment without context. Would have been fine just having them float around in the background of the Council meeting next to Organa.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Did we though, did we? Again, I just think them showing up in that spot didn’t make sense. 3PO could have easily said something “3POesque” in the council briefing, something about the odds of attacking Scarif.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Spoilers head, matty!! Go on at your own risk!!
    x 3
    x 2
    x 1
    Do you remember towards the end when Chirrut was walking towards the master switch that needed to be activated so they could transmit the plans to the rebels, the camera focused on Chirrut’s staff. At the end of it where he was holding the staff downwards, you could see what looks like the hilt of a light saber. So my question is why did he keep the hilt of a light saber to use as the hilt of his staff? Obviously the saber was broken, so Chirrut attached his staff to the saber’s hilt, making it the staff hilt. Was it his friend’s light saber? The Jedi Leader’s Light saber? Remember Cassian mentioned to Jyn that the Temple guards just hung around the temple to cause trouble. But they weren’t causing trouble, but were still doing their duty, which was to defend the temple. Then remember when they were on the ship leaving the destroyed temple, Chirrut kept demanding, is the temple gone? He must have loved the temple and loved who was originally in it. So my question is who’s light saber was it? (I’m a writer so I get heavily into this character stuff.)


    1. The Visual Guide says the tip of the staff is made from a sliver of a kyber crystal. Makes no mention of a saber hilt though!


      1. Ok, thanks!! I just remember see him holding his staff by the hilt This a great reason to see the movie again.


      2. And I looked up the kybar crystal which is the crystal of the light saber. So it could have been a the hilt of the saber. I”m thinking the saber was from someone he loved or admired. I wish they would have gone more into it. I looked up the staff also and again, no mention of the hilt. I hate it when directors do this. Thanks again.


  6. Was that a CG-youthified Jeremy Bulloch as an Imperial Officer later in the movie? That’d match his performance hauling Leia away on Cloud City in “Empire”.

    Also, I couldn’t quite tell if the lantern/heater that young Jyn has in her hideaway matches Luke’s on Dagobah in “Empire”.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Not sure if I was seeing things, but at the begining of the film when they first took off from the planet I am sure a sand dune or old temple was the shape of obi wan lying in the sand!


  8. Ok, another question for you. I’m a writer so I come up with all kinds of nutty stuff. Do you remember when Chirrut was chanting I am one with the force and the force is one with me towards the end of the movie as he was walking towards the switch that would transmit the plans to the rebels? None of the bullets hit him. Could it be that the reason why Luke, Lea, Han, etc never got hit by the bullets was b/c of the Force protecting them? Luke was Force sensitive as was Lea. Maybe it’s not that the stormtroopers were bad shots, maybe it was bc the force was protecting them?


    1. Yeah, I think that might be the implication. Important to note though that in A New Hope, stormtroopers were under orders not to kill our heroes. Vader wanted to track the Falcon to Yavin 4 and wipe out the rebellion in one fell swoop. So it was never really an issue in that film.


  9. When Jyn and Cassion were traveling on Jehta did they not literally bump into the two people people the Luke and Obi-Wan confronted in the Mos Eiesly Cantina? I know it’s them but I can’t remember their names.


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